I’m not always pissed.

Most of the time, I feel immensely grateful and fortunate to live a life surrounded by some of the greatest people on Earth. They make my life extraordinary, even when things are shitty, and sometimes things get really shitty. I love my city, I love my family, and I love people who give a crap about other people. See? Not always irritated.

Essentially, I was born irritated, in general. No one knows how it happened, it’s just always been that way. It isn’t that I want to be an asshole, but I believe that most of us, at some point in our lives, are, to some degree. I’m not trying to hang my hat on it, I’m just trying own my shit, and I hope that other people learn to embrace their honest, unfiltered thoughts, too.  Most people don’t mean to be assholes, I think it’s just part of the human condition, and it’s nothing to be bummed out about. The key is to TRY your best NOT to be an asshole. That, or be the best asshole you can be. Be a magnificent asshole. The choice is yours, but the first step is owning it. You can do it, asshole. I know you can.