The Chronically Irritated blog isn’t about blasting people for the hell of it, mostly. It’s just a place to talk about shit that most decent and tolerant people ignore, accept as “just the way it is”, or at least don’t talk about publicly. Sara, however, is neither decent or tolerant when it comes to people behaving like giant douchebags. This blog is for Sara and all the other wickedawesome people out there (good news is that the awesome people outnumber the douchers, FTW) to talk about people, places, or things that are especially irritating, to dish out advice on how to deal with different types of douchebaggery, how not to be douche-y themselves, and/or just dish out general advice or opinions to anyone who may ask for one. She’ll frequently be dishing out opinions that no one asks for. She has a lot of opinions. About things. All the things. Chronically Irritated is ridiculous, indulgent, and random as shit. It’s not always going to make sense. It’ll occasionally be offensive, and by occasionally I mean often-ally. Hopefully, it’ll be funny once in awhile. Hell, even if it’s not, no one’s forcing you to read it. Everybody wins.

About Sara.

Sara Santiago is kind of an asshole. She’s ok with that. She’ll admit it freely. Essentially, she was born irritated, in general. No one knows how it happened, it’s just always been that way. It isn’t that she wants to be an asshole, but most people are to some degree. She’s just trying to own her shit, and hopes that other people lean to embrace their honest, unfiltered thoughts, too.  Most people don’t mean to be assholes, it’s part of the human condition, and it’s nothing to be bummed out about. The key is to TRY your best NOT to be an asshole. That, or be the best asshole you can be. Be a magnificent asshole. The choice is yours, but the first step is owning it. You can do it, asshole. I know you can.

Sara swears a lot. If you don’t fucking like it, don’t fucking read it.

Sara spends her days juggling eleventy hundred things while trying not to screw up her kids (or at least minimize the amount of psychotherapy they’ll surely need as adults).

Mama of two geek-girls-in-training, Sara and her husband put much of their focus on the important aspects of raising cultured, well rounded children. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Making sure their children get an authentic Star Wars experience by forcing them to begin the series with Episode IV (A New Hope) on 1988 special edition VHS tapes and moving through the saga, not chronologically, but by original release date. And yes, Han shot first. (Additionally, Sara made the executive decision to omit Attack of The Clones, because ain’t nobody got time for that.)
  • Turning their back yard into an urban farm called Bumblebee Garden (feeding friends, neighbors, and a local food pantry since Spring of 2004, save for a one season gap in 2013 yielding only a handful of veggies and herbs, but back in business for a bountiful 2014 growing season).
  • Homebrewing craft beer as an ongoing family science experiment.
  • Branding said craft beer and creating a family owned craft brewery. Try the “Child Labor Lager” or our flagship brew, “IdA-Your P is Upside Down” Belgian style IPA. NMB Brewery, y’all. Be sure to check in on FourSquare. We have Friday movie night specials. WUT.
  • Instilling the firm belief that “Life On Mars?” is, in fact, Bowie’s best song to date. Because it’s totally true. Not up for negotiation.

Sara was named:

  • onmilwaukee.com’s 100 Coolest Milwaukeeans – 2010 (Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.)
  • Business Journal of Greater Milwaukee’s Forty Under 40 Award – 2011
  • BizTimes of Southeastern Wisconsin’s Bravo! Entrepreneur of The Year Award – 2013
  • “Best mom in the universe and all parallel universes, and a nerd, too.” – Sara’s kids
  • “A hispanic that’s racist as shit.” – Some dude on Facebook
  • “Clearly uneducated due to your use of profanity.” – Some dude on Twitter
  • “[Someone who] needs to put some lithium in their beer.” – Some girl on Facebook

Sara can be found compulsively tweeting as @SaraSantiago.

Sara Santiago wants to barf because she wrote this page in the third person.
(See second paragraph re: Sara is kind of an asshole.)

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