Sometimes, we’re the lighthouse. Sometimes, we’re lost at sea.

We’re all fucked up in a million different ways, but with a little help, we’re also doing all right in at least as many ways. Sometimes, we’re floating somewhere in between, and we just need somebody who’s doing all right enough today to man the lighthouse, because our shit is off course. Maybe if we decide to give this lifetime together an honest try, we could take turns pulling each other safely back ashore. If we decide to hold on to each other when we’re fucked up and when we’re all right and when we’re treading between the two, then we stay tethered through the chop. And while there would always be someone fighting the current, there’d always be someone close enough to throw a life vest. There’d always be someone to wade out far enough to pull someone else to safety, and there’d always be someone on land to keep the light. If we just decide not to let go, maybe we keep each other from drowning.

Fuck. I don’t know. But I just keep thinking, if we could do the hard work now, if we could all show some fucking humility right now, spend less time calling people names and more time learning people’s names, start listening to each other now, start looking out for each other now, start just giving a shit about each other now, maybe at some point, the combined best parts of ourselves could cancel out the most garbage parts of ourselves.

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