The jerk store called…

I want to believe in people. Some days, some people make that a very challenging thing to do.

Seinfeld jerk store called

I guess the best thing we can do is remind ourselves that those people have to live with their bullshit, but we can walk away from it.

It’s true that they will likely carry on as they always have, as assholes, and never even realize it. It may never even cross their minds, allowing them an ignorant and blissful existence in spite of themselves.

Before we let that piss us off, we have to remember that they will never live a life as meaningful and incredible as those who choose to live a life of generosity, service, self reflection, and the kind of vulnerability that allows us to make deep connections with others.

They may never feel loss for something that they’ve never known, but they will be missing out on the best part of being alive.

Reminding myself of these things is how I process the anger I feel when a shitty person gets away with, well, being a shitty person. It helps me ditch that anger, realize that a more appropriate reaction is to pity them, and further remember that I don’t need to waste any energy on them at all. It frees me up to help clean up the damage, hold someone’s hand, and be grateful that my life is full of amazing people with the most beautiful hearts.

And then I can believe in people again.


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