It’s ok to let your blog go dark.

Everyone on the internet always seems to be doing an awful lot of talking. Always. We talk about ourselves a lot. It seems we spend a lot of time thinking (talking, blogging) about ourselves, our businesses, our children, our issues… Anyway, there’s just a lot of talking.

Maybe not enough doing (?)

And not just doing so that we can talk about what we did on our blogs.

Just doing.

I get scolded a lot for not blogging frequently enough. I feel really flattered that anyone cares to read what I write. But lately, I feel like doing things more than I feel like talking about doing things, or talking about the things I did.

I think that’s ok. I think it’s ok for you to let your blog go dark for awhile so you can go do things.

To be honest, there are quite a few people that might benefit from taking the time to get out of their own heads for a while. To take it a bit further, there are others that would benefit from taking the time to take their heads out of their asses for awhile too. but I’m not going to talk about that today.

I’ve got some doing to do.

And I’m probably not going to report back about any of it. At least not for awhile. ;)

Later Gators.


  1. Carrie @ Tiki Tiki Blog

    Alexandra sent me…Hola!
    I let my personal blog go dark last fall…I was supposed to go back to it the beginning of the year.
    Still thinking about what to say and not sure I want to say: “I have nothing to say…”
    I hang out at Tiki Tiki regularly though…




  2. Laura Gregorski

    I’m sorry I can’t respond to how awesome you and your blog post are… I’m off DOING things!!

    You rock!! And congrats on all you DO.


  3. Alexandra

    I agree.

    If someone has something to say, their blog is their place.

    But I get so offended, when I click over, and some begins with “I have nothing to blog about today…so here goes.”

    Best you just not enter a post that day.

    Lovely to finally “meet” you on the phone today.

    Sigh of relief, that you are so very friendly.

    Thank you.


  4. Lisa

    Hell to the yea. Do stuff. Don’t constantly tell me all the fabulous things you (not you Sara but you know what I mean) are doing because there will be a point that I may not actually believe you and/or there will be a point that I stop caring.


  5. Anthony M. Van Hart

    Amen to this! I’m so tired of thinking and not doing. Stuck in molasses I tell you. Stepping out…..NOW


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