If everybody likes you, you’re doing it wrong.

In my attempt to be honest about things that grind-my-gears on Twitter, I’m really getting under people’s skin. While I’m not SO much of a jack-ass (although I fully admit to being one) to say things just to get people riled up, I put my opinion out there to get other people thinking. I figure, this is what I think. I do not expect everyone to agree. I do not assume I am an authority on, well, anything. I am merely expressing an opinion, right or wrong. If everything I said was agreeable to every person, I’d be a total fraud. It’s not possible to make everyone happy or to make everyone see your point of view. I’m totally ok with that.

You may not always like what you get, but you know you’ll always get me.

Recently, I expressed my opinion on Twitter about whining (and keeping the small things in perspective). I had no individual person in mind. It was more of a thinking out loud type of rant. Twitter is, among other things, a place where people like to complain. A lot. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s thought provoking, and sometimes it just gets on my damn nerves. I used SEASONAL allergy symptoms as an example in my rant. I can’t even count how many times a day people tweet about their terrible runny nose, how itchy and puffy their eyes are, how very very miserable they are. I get it. It sucks. But, my point is…that’s LIFE. And if you live a life where what you have to complain about is a runny nose, your life is pretty damned easy. Really, the point is not about allergies or any one thing in particular at all. It is about PERSPECTIVE.

I have watched too many people suffer seriously debilitating illness, injury and loss, and do so with such grace and dignity, NOT to realize how precious this life is. And to be grateful for what I DO have, even if it’s not perfect. I mean, good lord, we ALL have stuff wrong with us. Some people have it harder than others, I’m not dismissing that. I’m just saying that each of has a choice to make. You can live your life as a victim, complaining about everything wrong in your life, or you can adjust your attitude, grab a dose of perspective and say, “Hey, maybe this sucks, but I’m grateful for this life. How can I work to improve this situation?”

Be your own hero. Don’t live your life as a victim. If you are lacking perspective, just open your eyes. The world is full of true suffering: genocide, crimes against humanity, poverty, famine, incurable and vicious diseases, the list goes on. If you feel your “First World problems” are too much to bear, volunteer to help someone out who has it worse than you do. Maybe that will help you get off the complain-train and live your life with gratitude and generosity.

And before anyone jumps down my throat about how I don’t understand, blah blah blah… Stop for a moment and think before you type. Just because someone chooses not to complain about their own life, doesn’t mean they haven’t been in your shoes, or worse.



  1. KeVroN

    I really like this post, and conversation. Something that I always view twitter as is a huge collection of 1st world problems.
    Examples of earthquake and political upheaval over twitter are of course the outliers, but right now twitter is the wild west and hyperlinks all in one. We are experiencing a time when “Communications tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring” -Clay Shirky
    We are in the socially interesting part, and socially interesting = socially interesting. I have never been a part of a community this big in my life, and I know my parents have not either.
    Can’t wait to meet you one of these days at some random meetup :)


  2. Marjie

    Sara I gave this some thought, and I understand what you are saying… I really do.

    Here’s the thing though. People who say the types of petty comments you’re addressing are just having conversation with their community.

    How I see it is they’re saying “hey, here’s what’s going on with me today.” I don’t read it as “I have the biggest problem in the world, it’s so serious… please pity me.” I see it more as their way of having conversation.

    It’s small talk… chatter… tweets.

    Most everyone is dealing with stuff… big stuff. On twitter, most just choose to keep the conversation light… they don’t always share the big stuff. It’s when you meet in person, that’s when you find out they carry a heavy burden. Or when you read their blog.

    The little PITA issues are shared so much more easily in a public place.


    • Sara

      Hey Marjie, thanks for weighing in. I really appreciate your POV here. I see what your saying. People interact with their community in different ways, not right, not wrong, that’s just how they roll.

      I guess my hang up is with a lack of gratitude and personal responsibility in our society today as a whole. It saddens me to think that more and more, people lose sight of the blessings they have in life and focus on the troubles. I just think a little perspective could help some people realize that their life is really pretty great, and inspire them to live it to it’s fullest, do their best to be the best human being they can, and have a sense of gratitude for all of the opportunity they have.

      Also, the juxtaposition of last weeks whining came on the heels of me witnessing a 5 year old buddy, dying of cancer, use her last bit of energy to attempt to hide her own pain and fear from her family, so that they “won’t be so sad when I go to heaven”.

      It’s hard to experience that first hand, and then watch someone sit in front of their Macbook, take another swig of their double latte, and post their 23rd complaint of the day.

      I get it, it’s how some people interact, it’s just their personality, their character even. It makes me sad. A friend once said, “Your life is easy, don’t be a jerk.” That sticks with me. Right or wrong, it’s just the way I see it.

      That being said. I also think that maybe you are more kind and understanding than I am. Maybe I am too hard on people sometimes. Maybe I need to work on that too. I’m going to keep trying to improve myself, because I am FAR FAR FAR from perfect. Thanks for hanging out Marjie. xoxo ;)


    • Marjie

      Whew! Glad you took my comments the right way. I see the same thing all around me. So many people dealing with big stuff. We all do… and your post confirms my point. You just shared with me a battle you are waging… I wouldn’t have known. You didn’t share that with the twitterverse.

      On twitter you’re unique, fun and sassy.. really sassy! I’m actually hoping some of your style rubs off on me. I’d like to express myself with a bit more sas! #pushmarjie ;)


  3. jimraffel

    Hey I for one love your brutal (well it’s not painful brutal but truthful brutal) honesty. As for stopping and thinking before I type…ya, not so much for this one. So anywho your honesty led me to take a hard look at my Twitter profile and the tagline on my blog. Both have been changed to better reflect who I am today. Sometimes we all forget that life is a journey and shit changes along they way (it’s still my b-day and I will cuss if I want to until midnight). -Jim


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