Repost: The Roof Is On Fire. (2006)

Okay, so not so much on fire as on my lawn. We are finally replacing our roof. I’m excited to be done with the “Is it going to make it through one more winter?” game Augie and I have been playing, but also started to hyperventilate (just a little) when I went to the bank today to draw out the duckets. Wow. Well, that is home ownership. I’ve said it to many a friends after they purchased their first home, “Welcome to the life of neverending home improvements.” (Okay, what I think I actually said was, “Welcome to the poor house.”) I will admit that the improvements you make by choice can be very fun, but those big ones that you just gotta deal with (roofs, gutters, new furnaces, crapped out water heaters…) are a bit of a bummer, because although you know these things are super important to your everyday living situation,(the roof seems worth it on a rainy day, no?) it isn’t as fun as painting your den red or getting pretty new kitchen cabinets. Oh well, the roof is getting done. Soon we’ll move on to repainting the puke yellow trim to a nice hunter green and then I’ll be camping in the yard so I can stare at my “new” house. I will also be camping in the yard because I will most likely have let out our rooms for rent due to the cost of replacing our roof. Other than the crazy loud bangs of tearing off and replacing shingles, things are pretty quiet around here. Gracie and I have been hanging out, watching “the guys” (as she calls them) fix our house. We make them sandwiches and they wave at Gracie through the window. We all have a job to do. This month has been quite busy (hence lack of time to blog). It’s been good, fun busy stuff. Baptism for Nora. Bridal shower and bachelorette party for Shan (too fun!). Augie has been working long hours lately, couple that with a few comedy club outings, birthday parties, a paintballing bachelor party (yay Jerm!) and Opening Day and his dance card filled up quickly. Nora is growing like a weed and no kidding, she was wearing a 9 month sleeper last night (she’s just shy of 5 months). Gracie has found her singing voice for real and is in constant serenade mode. I love it! We have made a big promise to each other to spend as much of our weekend time just strolling around and hitting as many playgrounds in a weekend as we can. No rest for the weary though, just a couple weeks until we head out to the Grand Canyon for Shan and Jerm’s big day. We are so very excited. Wonderful friends, awesome backdrop, real love. We’re stoked. We’re leaving the muchachas to Nana and Aunt Jennie’s care, so they will be partying like little tiny baby rock stars. I have promised myself that I will take deep breaths, try to focus on having a great time and really being the moment for this very special occasion. Leaving them is the hardest thing for me to do, but it’s healthy for all of us to do it. (I’ll be repeating this to myself the entire flight.) Anyway, my excitement and joy for my friends will be more than enough to keep me from calling Nana every hour. Also, I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon (other than from an airplane window), so how cool is that? So that’s generally the last couple of weeks recap. I have to get moving now, Gracie has just decided to put her tights on by herself and is hopping towards me in one leg of them.

© Sara 2006

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