Repost: June 19, 1999 – Best Juneteenth Day Ever. (2007)

Posted on Juneteenth Day 2007. :)

In honor of eight years, here are eight little-known fun trivia facts about our wedding day…

1. Yes, we were, in fact, thumb wrestling at the altar. He won 2 out of 3.

2. Our nephew, Miguel, was introduced at the reception as the “pall bearer” instead of “ring bearer”.

3. Our wedding was crashed by at least a dozen people. (We still think that’s hilarious.)

4. The story that Pastor Guetzlaff told as part of the ceremony was about a woman named Grace.

5. As if the pall bearer thing wasn’t enough, Augie’s parents were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez. (Hence, the mutated “Sancheez” nickname we often use to refer to ourselves.)

6. After the reception we got stuck in an elevator at the hotel with four very drunk people. When I say “stuck” I mean the elevator actually malfunctioned and we were stuck for a short period of time. When I say “drunk” I mean they just rolled off of a few bar stools trying not to slosh their “roadies” on my white shoes. Remember, we were in full bridal dress, and after a few jokes about them being hungry I was seriously guarding the fried chicken we had just scored from the Popeye’s Drive-thru.

7. Guests from the wedding in the other banquet room asked several people if they could join our reception because our music was so much better, and also because they thought it sounded like we were having a much better time. Some of them offered to bring additional booze to set up shots for our guests’ enjoyment.

8. Augie outlawed the playing of any ABBA songs at our reception.

Eight years later, it is still one of the most amazing days of my life. I love you Augie.

Really, really.

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